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Konitan is PASSION

-- and I can't help myeslf...

Fans of Konishi Ryousei (Hiroki) @ LJ
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Konitan = Smex
:: Info Links ::

About Him:

- Basic Info
- Info + DL (members only)


- Assistance (members only)

Related LJ Communities:

- tenimyu

Update: May 23rd, 2005

Now that I have more time to fix this comm, I will open it ^_^ Please feel free to post and introduce yourself within the comm. Thanx.

Also opened up a Q&A thread (for members only): HERE Please take a look so that if you need help in the future you will know where to look. :D

So, a few ground rules to get you started:

Concerning Posts To The BBS On His Official Site

Please read the following post and leave a comment to indicate that you have read it.

Guidelines for Posting to Konishi-sama's BBS

1) Respect all members of the community, or face BANx0rz. We're each entitled to our own opinions (and we're all beautiful like that), but please RESPECT different opinions!

2) All media posts must be friends locked. (If they like Konitan so much, they should join. ^_~ We're only sharing with other fans who can show their faces to the rest of us.) This includes all fanart, fanfics, YSI posts, pictures, links...etc

3) No off-topic posts. News about a show in relations to Konitan is ok, but please keep it to a minimal. That is, we don't want to hear a million and a half posts about Nissan Ramen, as much as we love Ryousei-kun (Hiroki) in the CM. ^_^

4) DO NOT, direct link from official sites, or site that is not your own. If you want to share pictures, we recommend PhotoBucket .
- Please also remember to LJ-cut large amount of text or images.

Guidelines for Fanfiction / Fanart posts :

- All fanart or fanfiction including Konishi Ryousei (Hiroki) is allowed, but PLEASE label the rating.
- It must be behind an LJ-cut
- Please have the minimal of the following labeled outside of cut:

Title of fic: (Title of the fic)
Author: (Who wrote it; who should we credit?)
Rating: (example: G, PG, PG-13...etc)
Warnings: (includes all yaoi, hentai, squick, and what-nots...)

Community is maintained by:
- suguishi and deetamamushiko

OMFG KONISHI-KUN IS SO HAWT!! Let's all marry him!!!!!!

Konishi Ryousei (Hiroki) is SO MUCH LOVE.