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Konitan is PASSION [entries|friends|calendar]
Fans of Konishi Ryousei (Hiroki) @ LJ

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[LJ auction: Selling] Tenimyu Supporter's DVD Vol.04 feat. Fudomine & St.Rudolph cast. [9/30/07 5:55pm]

Hi. I've got one Tennis no oujisama Supporter's DVD Vol.4 feat. Fudomine & St.Rudolph that needs to find a new home.

Condition: brand new, factory sealed. Out of stock in online stores. (I bought it rather accidentally, that's what you get from ordering in a language you don't understand. :x)
Status: open

Could you translate this? plz ^0^ TTwTT [9/8/07 6:29pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Days ago, I found this Konitan Interview ... It looks so interesting  ... I want to read it but I don't know a single word

I dunno if u have time to translate all of this Interview but It would be great if you can do it ... I'll be so thankful, I mean All Konitan fans will be so thankful

Thanks again

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icon post ^o^ [6/1/07 1:17pm]


I tried some icon-ing, nothing special, but maybe you still like them ^^ 
Credits and comments not necessary but loved~


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Konishi's photo with the perfume... [1/22/07 10:45pm]

I promised to post Konishi's photo that comes with the perfume... Here it is...

Somehow I'm still not used to Konishi's new name Ryousei... Ryousei means Student who stays in hostel... its like calling him hostel student Konishi... ^^;;
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Perfume: Ichigoichie [1/18/07 9:13pm]

yes~~~ i finally got konishi perfume~~~~ Ichigoichie~~~  i saw it when i came home today~~~ XDXD

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